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this is my friend and fellow blogger christina of profreshstyle discussing how she was recently attacked by a man on her way home after a late night. it was so hard to watch my friend describing this, and even worse was that as she was screaming, people were around and no one helped. WORSE YET, when someone finally approached her to help, he then asked her if she had been drinking. when she said yes, he questioned whether she should even go to the cops, as if it were her fault. i HATE our society and i hate that so many of us have gone through this and then blame ourselves for something that’s NEVER our fault. 

Bolded the entire thing for emphasis. 

It’s always been a joke with some of my Platts friends that I keep pepper spray on me, strapped to my purse for easy access.

It’s sad that we all live in a world where I carry that not as a joke, but because this could happen to me.

It’s depressing that we live in a world where so many women are assaulted and it feels like no one wants to do anything about it.

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I hope to live in a world one day where people are not judged based on the sex they may or may not be having. That one day we’ll be OK enough with sex that the Motion Picture Association of America will stop giving movies with multiple implied rape scenes a simple PG-13 (such as the absolutely horrendous “Sucker Punch”), while a movie featuring consensual oral sex gets slapped with NC-17 (like “Blue Valentine”).

Maybe in such a liberated society, politicians won’t have to be tapping away in bathrooms trying to get some same-sex action because they’re so ashamed of their true desire.

Maybe in that world, I won’t be judged by someone for writing about doing the dirty in the dorm shower.

But until that day, judge away because I honestly don’t give a f—-.

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So, this happened. I feel cool now.

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