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aka cleaning my house.

After moving home from college in May, I took up the task of cleaning my entire house out. My mom had been sick and in the hospital for a while, and my two siblings are incredibly difficult to get to help clean. And to be honest, coming home to a house that looked like it belonged on Hoarders was incredibly difficult to deal with.

For a while I didn’t even like leaving my room because all the crap that was everywhere was just too difficult to handle

Then someone I followed reblogged a post from the blog Unfuck Your Habitat. It really changed things. If you don’t follow this blog or have the app (worth every penny, trust) then you should soon if you have problems getting motivated to clean.

Using the app and all the tips on the blog, I was able to tackle all the enormous housework. I used a lot of 20/10s and did what I could and didn’t beat myself up over not being able to complete something quickly.

The house isn’t perfect, but it’s clean and pretty organized and doesn’t make me want to cry whenever I come home. So I have to give a big shout out to whomever runs UFYH, because I don’t think I could’ve done this without you.

And if anyone sees this, know that you can totally get it done! Don’t give up!

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    seriously I mean this in the best way bless the OP and their hard work
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    I give UfYH all of the credit for me & my fiancee’s amazingly neat home! Here is a great example of just how much it can...
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    Wow, great work!! So proud of you!!
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